Fall Newsletter 2012

Dear Friends,

For the past two years I have had the honor of representing House District 83, and while district lines have changed, our shared values have not. There is no question, I was ranked the third most conservative member in the House because I stood for fiscal responsibility, limited government, common sense solutions, and the conservative and Christian values that still prevail in West Texas. This will never change and neither will my reasons for serving, I want to do something to make our home an even better place to live, work, and raise a family.

As a freshman member, I was part of one of the most challenging and difficult sessions in the history of our state. The budgetary challenges we confronted called for us to make tough decisions, prioritizing limited resources among those who deserve them most is a heart-wrenching process, but those decisions have laid the groundwork for what we will be able to accomplish in 2013.

Despite the despair that swept through conservatives on November 6th, 2012–watching a president win re-election who strives to strip us of our freedoms with bigger government–Texas will continue to stay on track. Throughout some of the worst economic times our country has ever experienced, Texas has been a beacon of strength and growth, a state that cannot only survive but thrive. Our conservative and fiscally responsible policies like tort reform, low tax burdens, and limited government have kept Texas as one of the best places for business and family.

The 83rd Legislative Session will have many challenges, the biggest being growth in population, but it will also be one of vision and solutions, not just for the problems of today, but for the 20-year challenges that face the state of Texas. I have spent the interim meeting and working with educators, farmers, state leaders, stake holders and small business owners on initiatives that reflect the priorities of West Texas:

  • ·  Creating an equitable funding system for public education, which in my opinion includes: per capita allocations, local control, and regional sharing of resources.
  • ·  Reform Medicaid and entitlement programs because, without reform the state’s budget will be consumed by this area within our lifetime. I have spent the interim following-up on technology solutions I presented last session. The implementation is in progress.
  • ·  Curriculum reforms that enhance career and technology programs and allow for partnerships with private businesses.
  • ·  Develop an accountability system in our schools to allow teachers to teach and students to learn.
  • ·  Securing long-term water funding needs for the state.Texas remains a strong conservative state with principled leaders who know the value of hard work. We have showed time and time again that we don’t need Washington D.C. and their irresponsible and unconstitutional policies, Texans know what is best for Texas. Despite national elections, Texans reaffirmed their values at the polls and made their priorities clear with those they chose to represent them.While the outcome of this election was not pro Texas, and the fight to keep Washington D.C. out is far from over, we cannot be discouraged. The spirit of Texas–the heart and soul of our state, every honest and hardworking person from the Panhandle to the Gulf–will always prevail. My priority remains serving House District 83, this state, and this nation.I cannot say thank you enough for the support everyone has given me, I am looking forward to continuing to work together as we start next session. My office is always open, please don’t hesitate to get in touch if there is something I can help with or if you have comments on legislation.

    Sincerely yours,

    Charles Perry

    State Representative–House District 83




Lubbock, TX: State Representative Charles Perry (R-Lubbock) has been appointed to serve on the Interim Committee on Texas Response to Federal Sequestration. Texas House Speaker Joe Straus created the committee to recommend ways that the state can prepare for looming tax increases and spending reductions caused by gridlock in Washington D.C..

The impending sequestration process poses several threats to Texas. It has the potential to trigger across-the-board reductions in defense and non-defense spending, and if an agreement to avoid sequestration is not reached, large increases in federal taxes.

“The federal government is a clear threat to Texas’ prosperity,” said Representative Perry. “We must identify ways to protect ourselves from the Obama administration that believes it has a mandate to raise our taxes, cut our energy production, and continue to take over our healthcare services.”

The Committee will study and develop legislative proposals on how the sequestration process will affect the defense industry in Texas, the state budget, public and higher education and the tax burden on Texas families and businesses. The Committee will report its findings to Speaker Straus by January 7th, 2013 and will expire at the start of the 83rd Session.

“My background as a CPA gives me a unique advantage to offer perspective and policy that will help Texas find a responsible path away from dependence on a process outside of Texas control,” Representative Perry further stated. “No matter what type of tax – federal, state, sales, income, property or consumption – it is the individual taxpayer that pays the tax. The only plans we are seeing from Washington D.C. are to further overburden local small businesses and working families with a tax policy that fails to spread the tax burden over all Americans by continuing an assault on the middle class. It’s time for Texas to stand up and say no, I am confident we will meet this challenge with hard work and determination.”


Prefiling of legislation for the 83rd Legislature began Monday, November 12th
Visit www.capitol.state.tx.us for information on the Texas Legislature and specific legislation


H.B. 97

Relating to exemption from ad valorem taxation of the residence homesteads of certain partially disabled veterans.

H.B. 98

Relating to the use of zero-based budgeting.

H.B. 99

Relating to the Teachers Retirement System state contribution rate.

H.J.R. 24

Proposing a constitutional amendment authorizing the legislature to provide for an exemption from ad valorem taxation of part of the market value of the residence homestead of a partially disabled veteran or the surviving spouse of a partially disabled veteran if the residence homestead was donated to the disabled veteran by a charitable organization.

Jacklyn and I want to wish you and your family a happy and safe Thanksgiving!

As an American, it is important to remember where our strength should come from. It is the realization that our dependence cannot be placed on a man-made institution called government. It is our GOD given abilities, gifts, talents and love for one another that make us
GREAT. Each of us having worth, value and significance. As conservative Christians, we have had our message hijacked, perverted and taken hostage. Freedom is the essence of Christianity, and it is the essence of our founding principles as a nation. It is time that we walk the walk, and not just talk the talk. If we want people to experience the joy of freedom that is the fabric of the GOSPEL and our country, then we must be bold in our initiatives to replace government with viable alternatives. We cannot curse those in need that participate in the most readily available system. It is my fundamental belief that twelve men changed the world forever–we need a revival of the Christian values in application not just words.
This in mind, I encourage you to seek out non-governmental alternatives providing solutions to the “safety-net” of our society. As a note, this is not to say the government supported are not necessary or viable, but if they had their way, they would prefer not to be under the control of the government. I have been privileged to learn about several of these in our region recently, and would encourage you to consider them during your year-end giving. (None of these organizations have asked for this endorsement or acknowledgement.)

• High Point Village: They provide a structured and consistent environment for our mentally and physically challenged. There goal is to have a community that will be supported with no federal and state dollars as an alternative when their care givers are not present. An alternative to the state supported schools.

• Buckner’s: Provides a Christian, holistic approach to helping young mothers and their children. Education and life skills are the focus, but done under the loving precepts found in scripture. Independence through dependence on Christ is the message I heard when I visited My Father’s House.

• Capitol Commission: Provides a non-denominational ministry to state legislators across the country. During session I personally attended one (and sometimes a second) Bible Study with Texas Director Don Garner and around 20 members of the Texas Legislature. He is 100% dependent on donor support, and provides a bi-partisan process that keeps me, along with other members, grounded as the session grinds you up.

• Your Local Church: Most churches have emphasis on mission giving. I would encourage you to write the check, but more importantly, GIVE YOUR TIME. Every organization needs Christian leaders to help mentor others in their time of need. I am convinced that if communities and churches step up and do the things we are called to do, then government will have less and less of a foothold.

• Parkridge Pregnancy: Provides alternatives to abortion.
I know these are just a few and I encourage you to reach out and help someone in crisis. It is not the government’s job, not the conservative’s job, not the liberal’s job, it is mankind’s job.

Download a PDF of this newsletter   here  .

Download a PDF of this newsletter here.