Press Release: Perry Files Education Reform Legislation


LUBBOCK, TX – Today, Senator Charles Perry filed SB 13 to improve access to college courses in high school and encourage career and college exploration in middle school. The announcement of this bill occurred earlier today at an education press conference with Lt. Governor Dan Patrick and Education Committee Chairman Larry Taylor.

“Last session, I was proud to help pass House Bill 5, the most sweeping education reform in recent memory,” said Senator Charles Perry. “SB 13 acts in tandem with HB 5 to improve outcomes and workforce readiness in our public schools.”

SB 13 is made of four components. The bill lifts the current cap on the number of dual enrollment courses a student may enroll in each semester. It requires community colleges to either approve or deny applicants desiring to teach dual enrollment within 60 days. It additionally helps rural Texas by extending the Skills Development Fund to allow rural schools to apply for funds and establish an MOU with a community college to ensure the course standards are met.

The bill also creates a high school, college, and career exploration class for middle school students to ensure they start thinking about their future early in life. This course will have students explore the various graduation plans, learn about the endorsements created in HB 5, college preparation, and potential career choices and the education necessary to enter those careers.

“The future of Texas depends on us – reducing the dropout rate, making sure every student is ready for a career or college,” said Lt. Governor Dan Patrick at this morning’s press conference. “Together we are going to lead the senate and lead the state in continuing to reform education so that every student has the opportunity to live the Texas and American Dream.”

“There are some students that are graduating high school with an associate’s degree as well as their high school diploma,” said Education Chairman Larry Taylor. “Community colleges working with our schools is a great way to spread our resources and make them go as far as they can without a whole lot more resources.”

“Texas is on the right path by moving away from the one-size-fits-all standards of the past,” continued Senator Perry. “It is my hope that this bill will give our local school districts the tools they need to ensure all students graduating high school have a path — be it towards a vocation or college.”