Press Release: Perry Files Several Bills to Benefit District


LUBBOCK, TX – Senator Charles Perry filed several pieces of legislation at the request of constituents and stakeholders in his legislative district. This series of bills varies in focus and addresses a range of issues important to Senate District 28.

“At town hall forums and community events across the 51 counties I represent, I have heard numerous concerns from constituents and local elected officials,” said Senator Charles Perry. “I look forward to addressing some of these concerns through the legislation I am filing today.”

Below is a brief synopsis of the bills recently filed by Perry:

SB 473: This bill will clear up ambiguity between federal and state law regarding certain weapons that are registered in the National Firearm Registration and Transfer Record. This should ensure that people that have gone through the process to legally possess these weapons are not hassled with conflicting laws.

SB 503: This bill would allow for better opportunities to invest in communities that have or could be affected by Defense Base Closure and Realignment Commission (BRAC) with loans or grants given out by the Texas Military Preparedness Commission. This will give communities in Texas better access to available funds that can be invested in infrastructure or job training programs.

SB 504: This bill puts the 132nd Judicial District under the Professional Prosecutors Law which will allow the Scurry and Borden County District Attorney more resources to prosecute cases full time.

SB 505: Meteorological Evaluation Towers (METs) are thin, portable towers made from galvanized tubing and secured with guy wires used to measure wind speed and direction to identify locations for future wind turbines. SB 505 improves safety for crop duster and other low altitude pilots by requiring METs to be painted and marked in accordance with FAA and NTSB guidelines. This would apply immediately to METs erected in the future and current METs starting in September 2016.

SB 506: This bill will help promote transparency with local government contracts (over $25,000) by requiring municipalities and counties to provide notices of the time and place set for the approval of the contract, the purpose and estimated cost of the contract, and the manner in which the cost of the contract will be paid (taxes, revenues or a combo of funds). The bill also allows for citizen recourse by allowing the matter to go before the voters if 5% of registered voters sign a petition.

SJR 17: This Constitutional Amendment expands the number of rural counties that have the ability to assist in the repair of private roads. In small counties there are rarely private contractors available, so private roads are often poorly maintained, creating public safety hazards for citizens and emergency services. For years, counties have relied on this provision to maintain these roads and make them safe and navigable. To utilize this provision, private landowners must not only consent, but they must pay for this service as well. (Filed during pre-filing)

“Our legislators are elected to go to Austin and represent the constituents within their districts,” said Perry. “Our office has an open door policy and I urge anyone with an issue they need addressed at to contact my office so that we may work to find a solution.”

If you have any questions or comments about this bill or any of Senator Perry’s legislative agenda, please feel free to contact our office.