Sen. Perry Appointed to Higher Ed. Committee


LUBBOCK, TX – Today, Lt. Governor David Dewhurst appointed State Senator Charles Perry to the Senate Committee on Higher Education.

You can view the letter from the Lieutenant Governor here. 

“It is an honor to be appointed to the Higher Education Committee by the Lieutenant Governor,” said Senator Charles Perry. “In addition to Texas Tech System, the 51-county district is home to several other highly regarded universities, community colleges and other institutions of higher education. This position will allow me to ensure higher education in our region, big and small, has a strong voice in the Texas Legislature.”

Last Tuesday, Perry was sworn-in as the Senator for District 28. Since that time, his office has been hard at work transitioning, setting up his new office, and preparing for the Legislative Session.

“Due to the early Special Election date, I have been blessed with an extra few months of preparation time that most freshmen senators will not have,” continued Perry. “We will use this time to prepare diligently for the upcoming Session.”