Stop President Obama’s ‘Executive Amnesty’

Throughout my campaign for state senate, I promised to work on the issue of immigration by trying to find state solutions to our border security problems.

Earlier this month, I filed legislation to prohibit cities from acting as ‘sanctuary cities’ by prohibiting the enforcement of federal and state immigration laws. (You can read more on that here)

Yesterday, I had the privilege of discussing immigration policy on an international stage with the BBC Newshour. You can listen to that interview here or by clicking the image below.


Tonight, law abiding citizens will be relegated to a 2nd class status with a mere stroke of the pen. President Obama is willing to violate the very fabric of our constitutional law in order to give legal status to citizens of other countries who have have willingly and deliberately violated the laws of this nation.

Voters should choose their leaders, leaders shouldn’t choose their voters.

Thousands of individuals and families have obeyed the law and waited lawfully for their citizenship applications to be processed and accepted. This move is not only unfair to those individuals, but it encourages people to enter in our country through the backdoor and not through legitimate means.

As our Governor Perry stated earlier today: “There already is a path to citizenship in this country…it doesn’t need to be changed.”

The effects will be immediate and irreversible. We spend roughly $6,500 on Medicaid and $1,500 on food stamps per individual in Texas each year (2011 numbers). Every child we add to our education system costs roughly $12,500 per year. Our funding for these programs and others are already stretched thin, infusing more people into the system will only exasperate the problem.

Even if the President denies these individuals eligibility to Medicaid and Welfare, we cannot inquire about immigration status in regards to public education or admittance in the emergency room.

As we increase the magnet through amnesty, there is no doubt in my mind we will see a huge surge as millions more illegally cross our border over the next few months.

It is imperative that the Congress and the Judiciary call this for what it is – an act of tyranny – it threatens the economic and social stability for the poorest of the poor and burdens the states with unsustainable costs, if not insurmountable.

I pray for our elected officials to stand up and fight for our rights as law abiding citizens as a nation. Our federal representatives need to draw a line in the sand and refuse to fund the items in this executive order.