TCC’s “Pledge with Texans” : An Overall View of the Pledge

Before the 82nd Texas Legislature convened in January 2011, I was one of 79 state legislators, along with Governor Rick Perry and Comptroller Susan Combs, who signed the conservative legislative agenda of the Texas Conservative Coalition (TCC), called the “Pledge with Texans.”  The pledge, which was developed in 2009 and 2010 with significant input and feedback from Texans across the state, was intended to serve as a foundation for conservatives’ legislative goals last session.  In committing to the pledge, my colleagues and I promised to support and advance its five planks during the 82nd Texas Legislature: balance the budget without raising taxes; limit federal intrusion; improve election integrity; cut taxes and encourage the free market; and secure the Texas border.

We delivered on our promises.  During the regular and first called sessions, we achieved success in advancing conservative, free market policies that have made Texas the best state in the nation in which to live and do business.

A report published by TCC reveals that we passed major legislation for each of the five planks of the pledge in a meaningful way.  Moreover, every pledge signatory in the Texas House scored 90 percent or higher in keeping the Pledge, and 61 of the 70 House pledge signatories scored 100 percent on advancing the tenets of the pledge.  I personally scored 91.98%.  The report, along with a list of legislators who signed the pledge and other information on conservative victories in Texas can be accessed at

I am proud to be one of the leaders who signed TCC’s Pledge with Texans, and staunchly promoted conservative principles during the 82nd Legislature.  Through our tenacity and commitment, we advanced the foothold of conservative philosophy in Texas state government and laid the foundation for future victories.